Welcome to Hanke Industries

Due to COVID-19 Hanke Industries is currently closed. We will not offer the same products when we re-open. Our focus will be on custom woodworking products as we move forward. 

Welcome to Hanke Industries.  We are a veteran owned, family operated small business. Hanke Industries began with a vision of creating beautiful and unique gifts for friends and family.  Today we are selling the things we create, as the demand for them grew. We love our products, and we hope that you like them, too.

So why should you shop Hanke Industries? First, everything we sell is handcrafted and designed by us.  Additionally, we offer a wide range of products from apparel, custom woodwork, drinkware, and custom coffee cups. Take a few minutes to look around. Then, if you have any questions let us know.  Naturally, we want your experience here to be enjoyable.  As always, if we can custom design something for you, just ask. We will always create a high-quality product with outstanding customer service. Thank you for joining Hanke Industries today. Finally, please take a moment to like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram. Additionally, our products are also available on Etsy and Pinterest. As always, thank you for shopping at Hanke Industries. We appreciate your business.

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