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Moderately Approachable T-shirt

Let’s be honest, we are all moderately approachable. Leave us alone but if you must, what do you want? What’s so wrong with that? We’re a group of people that say what they think with no regard for repercussions. That’s what veterans do! We are proud of who we are, and you should be, too!

Moderately Approachable is printed on heat-transfer vinyl and applied to a cotton shirt for white and printed in black on poly blend shirts.

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There are a lot of times when you want to be left alone but if there is a need you can be asked.  This happens we become moderately approachable.  This product announces to the world that you are just a little approachable but really don’t expect much. Here at Hanke Industries, we try to make products that reflect who we are. Honestly, we don’t know any veterans that aren’t “Moderately Approachable.” Additionally, we like to be a little risque with our products.

These shirts are available in optional colors with optional colored print. Each shirt is created with heat-transfer vinyl for white and printed in black.  We offer a variety of colors, sizes and print options.

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