About Us

You already know that we are a small, family owned business. But what else do you know about us? We’ve setup this page so that you can get to know all of us here at Hanke Industries.

Kevin Hanke (CEO)

Kevin Hanke founded Hanke Industries in 2016. Before he was CEO, Kevin served 23 years in the U.S. Air Force. He retired in 2016 prior to moving to Washington, D.C. Kevin is married to Susan and has two daughters, Aleana (25) and Rachel (20) and one grandchild (Drake).

Kevin started Hanke Industries as an outlet for his creativity. He has always enjoyed creating things with his hands, as his father taught him when he was young. What started out as a woodworking hobby has grown into a successful business in creating and customizing products for our friends, family, and customers.

Kevin is currently residing in Alexandria, VA.

Susan Hanke

Susan is the wife of Kevin Hanke. As the muse for most of our products Susan is also one of our product models.  Her support and encouragement makes all of this possible. In addition, Susan has a very successful career in Emergency Management, in which she met Kevin over 25 years ago. Susan has 3 children, Cody (20), Emileigh (18), and Austin (14).

Susan is known for her coffee addiction, she is also known for general sass. We love her!

 Rachel Hanke (COO)

Rachel Hanke is the youngest daughter to Kevin Hanke. She moved to Alexandria, VA in 2017 to take over the day-to-day operations of Hanke Industries.

Rachel is responsible for nearly everything Hanke Industries does, from social media, to marketing, to processing shipments, to designing new products. She is known for working closely with customers to design the custom product they desire.

Rachel is currently 21 years old. She works daily to learn more about the retail industry and grow Hanke Industries into the business she knows it can be.

Buddy Hanke (Chief Scout and Representative)

 Buddy Hanke is the youngest member of Hanke Industries. His dad is Kevin Hanke. Buddy is a 4 year old yellow lab that lives in Alexandria, VA with Kevin and Rachel. He enjoys barking at other dogs, chasing squirrels, and going to the park.

Buddy’s role in Hanke Industries is to scout out discounts. Additionally, Buddy does an excellent job of representing the business on his trips to the dog parks. We can only assume that when he is barking at other dogs, he is telling them about Hanke Industries.

Every day, Buddy wears a custom bandanna with his name and the Hanke Industries logo on it. He loves to show it off to his dog friends and their humans.

When he is not working, Buddy enjoys eating donuts and being called a good boy.